The Process

To accomplish this task, you will have to complete the following steps.

Step 1.  Make a creative document that has the answers to the following questions about Mrs. Brown.  In order to receive full credit, the document has to be creative and it has to contain all of the information asked for.  It is up to you how you want to design your document.  It could be an essay, a brochure, a flyer, or heck , it could even be a comic stip for all I care.  You decide, but be sure to include all the information you find from the questions below.

     Question 1.  Name 5 things about Mrs. Browns family that you can tell from viewing her weebly website.

Use the internet to look up what a "résumé" is, then use Mrs. Brown's résumé to help you search for the answers to questions 2-5 .

     Question 2.  What is Mrs. Brown's full name?

     Question 3.  What college did Mrs. Brown attend to earn her Bachelor of Arts degree?  Use the internet to look up the college and find 5 facts about the college.

     Question 4.  How many states has Mrs. Brown taught in?  Name each school she has taught in and use the internet to find each school's mascot.  Either name the school mascots or cut and paste the pictures of the mascots into your document.

     Question 5.  What were Mrs. Brown's two job titles when she worked for Rutabaga Inc. ?  

Step 2.  Go to and create and post your own website.  Include the following information so that your classmates and your teacher can get to know you better.  Email Mrs. Brown the web address to your website after you have published it.

     1.  A picture of yourself.  If you have a digital picture of yourself at home,  use email or a thumb drive to get it onto your computer so you can add it to your webpage.  If you do not have a digital picture of yourself, you can bring in a picture and ask Mrs. Brown to help you scan it or you can borrow a camera from school so we can take one of you.  If you want to, you may include several pictures and even make a photo gallery by choosing "Multimedia" and "Photo Gallery".  FYI, there are also some other fun options under "Multimedia" such as adding "Audio Player" or "You Tube" video.

     2.  A paragragh telling information about what you (or what you and your family) enjoy doing in your free time.

     3.  Add a link to another website of your choice.  Feel free to add more that one link if you wish

     4.  Add another page.  On my webpage, I added pages that were photo galleries of several things my family enjoys doing.  You can also download a file that you want to share.  Again, feel free to add several pages, but the requirement is one. 

     5.  Publish your webpage.  Find the orange "Publish" Button at the top of the page and complete the information to publish your webpage.  Don't forget to email the webpage address to Mrs. Brown at otherwise you won't get credit.

Go to the "Evaluation" page if you would like to see how you will be scored on this webquest.

Feel free to explore the other options weebly has to offer and to expand your website beyond what is required.  Have fun!!